Tigrinya The EZ Way V.2.1

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This program is a stand alone program that will teach you Tigrinya in a fast and easy (EZ) way. This is a great way of learning over two thousand important and often used Tigrinya phrases and words. It is a very simple and straight to the point program. You will start conversating in Tigrinya in a very short time. It also has a number of games and quizzes to test and reinforce what you have learned. If you purchase the package deal, then you will also get four audio cds, Writing & Reading Tigrinya (book) and flash cards so that you can study Tigrinya when you are not at your computer. Here is a highlight of the topics covered in Tigrinya The EZ Way:



This is a general description of the program. For every phrase in this program, you will see the following:

  • For those that want to practice reading Tigrinya, a Tigrinya translation is displayed.
  • An audio button: click on this buttons to hear the clear voice of a native Tigrinya speaker read out loud the Tigrinya translation of the phrase. The blue button is when referring to a male person, the pink button is when referring to a female person,
  • And finally there is a phonetic form of the Tigrinya phrase. This comes in handy when you want to print out each page and study your Tigrinya on-the-go

This program will teach over two thousand important and often used phrases. You will know what to say in Tigrinya when you are at the airport, hotel, bank, hospital, restaurant or when you are out on the town, when meeting people, in stores when shopping, on the phone, or any where you happen to go.

Here are some examples ...



We will also learn some basic grammar - verbs, subject, direct/indirect objects, adverbs, adjectives prepositions, conjunctions, possessive form ...
Learn the Tigrinya alphabets using direct audio clips.
Once you learn a phrase, you can record yourself by clicking on the 'Record' button and compare your accent or pronunciation to a native Tigrinya speaker.

There are fun and simple games that are based on the lessons found in this program. This will help reinforce all that we have learned. You will be timed and scored on your performance so that you can continuously challenge yourself to do better. This is a proven and fun way of learning any foreign language.

Last but not least, there are quizzes that will test your skill before you move on to the next level. There are multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill in the blank type quizzes. You will be graded at the end of each quiz. A certificate with your grade can be printed out so that you can keep track of your improvement.