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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

How do I install the Programs?
1. Insert the CD in your CD ROM Drive
2. Click on 'Start'
3. Select 'Run'
4. Type in "D:\setup.exe" ('D' in this case refers to your CD ROM drive. If drive 'D' is not your CD ROM
drive, then type in the correct drive letter).
5. Click 'OK'
6. And follow the installation instruction on the screen.

How do I launch the program?
1. Make sure the CD is in the CD ROM drive
2. Click on 'Start'
3. Select 'Program'
4. And click on the program's icon

What are the requirements to run the program?

Minimum Requirements
486 DX Processor
8 MB RAM memory
1 MB hard drive space
4 speed CD ROM drive
Sound blaster or sound blaster compatible sound card
2 MB video card
Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows 98
100 Pentium processor or better
32 MB RAM memory
12 Speed or better CD ROM drive
32 bit color pallet

I can not launch the program at all.
Solution: The program requires that you install some files on to your hard drive. These
programs will take less than one megabit. Follow the installation procedure above to install
these components.

I get error messages when I launch the program.
Solution: Your computer’s sound card is not sound blaster compatible. Therefore all
audio options will result in error messages.

I can not see all the text on my screen.
Solution: The default system font size may be too large causing all the text to over flow.
To set optimal font size:
1. go to ‘Start’ => ‘Settings’ => ‘Control Panel’
2. double click on ‘Display’
3. select ‘Settings’
4. under font size, select “small font” (normal size 96 dpi).

The color of the background and pictures does not look clear.
Solution: The minimum color palette setting is 256 color. The best setting for this
program is 24 bit color or higher. To set optimal color palette:
1. go to ‘Start’ => ‘Settings’ => ‘Control Panel’
2. double click on ‘Display’
3. select ‘Settings’
4. under color palette, select ‘high color (16 bit)’, ‘true color (24 bit)’ or ‘true color (32 bit)’.

It takes a long time to navigate between pages.
Solution: If your computer does not have a Pentium processor and a minimum of 16 MB
of memory, it will take longer time to load and run the program. Refer to your computer
manual on how to optimize memory utilization to run the program faster. Also try closing
all other applications so that more memory will be available.

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